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2015 Late-Harvest Riesling

2015 Chardonnay

2015 Chardonnay

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Pear, citrus, florals, washed rind cheese.

Pear, citrus fruits, spice, almond meal

Pure delicate fruits, supported by subtle oak use and carried by a fine acid line. The lack of malic acid allows the round fullness of lactic acid to fill out the back palate.

Grown on a north -facing bank of the Derwent River this 22-year-old cool-climate vineyard is widely recognised for producing some of the best chardonnay fruit in Australia including supplying the famous Penfolds Yattarna 10 years in a row. The soils are permeable loams over limestone imparting intensity and aromatic delicacy to the fruit.
Clones: I10V1, I10V5 and Penfolds.

Picked early in the flavour spectrum to maintain finesse, the whole bunches go direct to the inert gas press. The juice flow from the press is closely monitored with the first and last cuts going to other products. The pristine juice from the middle of the press cycle goes straight to French oak, 25% new. We use a mix of cultured and natural yeast for primary fermentation. During its time in oak no Sulphur is added. Lees stirred fortnightly for the time in oak. Malolactic fermentation happens in the spring on 100% of this wine. Filtered and bottled.

Picking Date March 2015
Bottling date Feb 2016
Yield 7t/ha
Alcohol content 13.2%
pH 3.16
Ta 6.75
Residual Sugar 0g/L